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Asociația Pentru Teatru Liviu Rebreanu

The Liviu Rebreanu Association for Theatre was funded with the main aim of supporting The Liviu Rebreanu Company of The National Theatre in Târgu Mureș in organizing artistic, cultural, educational and professional training in the performing arts and in promoting the national culture toward intercultural connections.

Among the Association’s goals one could stress the initiation of collaborations, partnerships with similar entities, on the national and international level and the encouragement of youth to participate in a growing number to interactive cultural activities.

Nicu Mihoc - artistic director, Phone: +40 745 193 227
Teodora Crăciun - executiv director, Phone: +40 721 094 478
Laurențiu Blaga - program coordonator, Phone: +4074 011 7201
Email: asociatialr@gmail.com