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TR Warszawa, 2017

Photo: TR Warszawa Digital Archive


G.E.N is a story about an alternative community whose members contest reality so as to use provocations to change the system based on fear, manipulation and enslavement of individuals. While attempting to destabilise the system, they destroy their own community. Is it possi-ble to log out from a reality that does not work?

The performance is a response to Lars von Trier’s The Idiots (1998) about a group of young people who, by pretending to be mentally disabled, ridicule western social standards. G.E.N is not an attempt to criticise the socio-political system, but rather to reflect on the human nature because, despite civilizational and evolutionary progress, hu-mans do not develop morally. It is a journey across circles of global systems, social and partner relations, through individual psyche, in search for the elementary particle in charge of violence and hatred. The 360 version of the play is the first production of its kind. The edition of the original recording of the performance has been upgraded with the special effects to create a unique theatre and movie experience for each individual spectator.

G.E.N VR premiered in frames of TPAM [Tokio Performing Arts Meeting] in Japan in February 2018.

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