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2007: Macbeth

TR Warszawa, 2005

Photo: Stefan Okołowicz


The greatest production of early 21st century Polish dramatic theatre, based on a William Shakesperare’s tragedy about a cruel usurper who builds his power on crime. Jarzyna sets the plot of the play in the contemporary Middle East that is consumed by war. Macbeth is an American intervention units general, who fights his enemies and eliminates any political opponents with excessive ruthlessness and cruelty. He employs the same methods as do the terrorists. The performance, inspired by the Iraq War, brings up the issues of the threatening violence, dangerous radicalism and war that leaves no one the victor. The production combines spectacular theatre with live video materials. It’s performed on a multilevel stage and employs pyrotechnic effects. The premiere was held in a postindustrial space of an old machine and weapons factory in Wola district in Warsaw. 2007: Macbeth has earned international renown. In 2008 it was presented over a dozen times in St. Ann’s Warehouse under the Brooklyn Bridge. In 2012 the performance opened the International Festival in Edinburgh.

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