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Tropical craze

TR Warszawa, 1997

Photo: Stefan Okołowicz


A game changer performance that initiated an artistic breakthrough in Polish theatre in 1997. A loose adaptation of two plays: Mr. Price, or Tropical Madness and The New Deliverance by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (aka Witkacy) – a Polish avant-garde, inter-war playwright. Jarzyna transformed Witkacy’s plays into a trance-like ritual experienced by the protagonists – European rubber traders in the tropical Asia. The uniqueness of The Tropical Craze resulted from a combination of a few elements: the civilizational clash between the West and Asia, the new theatre language that alluded to the video clip esthetics and brutal, Tarrantino-style movies, and finally, the energy of a young actors’ crew. For the first time since the communist era, theatre formed a community with the audience, who reacted as vividly as if they were at a rock concert. The Tropical Craze opened a new chapter in the history of Teatr Rozmaitości. A year after the play’s premiere Grzegorz Jarzyna was appointed Artistic Director. Under his direction, Teatr Rozmaitości became the headquarter for the young generation of artists who bring new topics and new artistic language to the stage. When the performance closed in 2005, Jarzyna’s theatre (renamed TR Warszawa) had already become one of the most renowned Polish theatres in the world.

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